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About Us

Our history

..... a passion for Passive Fire Protection (PFP) that dates back to the early 1990's.

I had been in a new job for about 3 months, a reputable building products supply company, when as part of our ongoing training, an opportunity arose to attend a site visit with our senior personnel.

We had received a call from a 'concerned' main contractor who raised concerns about the installation methods used by a local sub-contractor whilst applying PFP products.

3 months in the job was a long time, I'd paid attention to my teachers so thought I knew it all ..... And with the rose coloured glasses, off I went expecting to find a routine site visit where everything was pristine and correct! Right? WRONG!!!

To my shock, and displeasure, we found numerous issues!

  • Fire separations penetrated by a hammer blow with just 1 small cable passing through.
  • Ducting without dampers - Unfastened collars around plastic pipe work
  • Cable trays with nowhere near enough PFP, daylight clearly visible
  • Structural steel with rust scale visible through what was assumed to be Intumescent paint

I heard someone say 'she'll be sweet' or words to that effect, in today's vernacular it would be more like OMG, FFS & LMFAO.

It was this experience that triggered my interest in PFP, something that remains with me today ... 20 years later.


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