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Our Vision

Our Vision

...... want to make a difference!!

Our industry, unfortunately, needs a 'leaky building syndrome' type incident where someone suffers a serious harm injury - or god forbid - loses their life in a preventable incident, before the passive fire protection industry is taken seriously!

Meanwhile, an opportunity presents itself for us to take the initiative.

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The Building Inspectors Perspective

Author Stephen King, Quality Assurance Officer

A Building Inspectors overview of passive fire protection with 11 years experience in Building Control and 30 years in the industry. Passive fire protection is a relatively new field inthe industry. Over the last few years, a large number of different systems and products have come on to the market. These products are sold to almost anyone over the counter, with very little documentation on how to use them, and what their limitations are. Some of these products are being re-branded with New Zealand company names.
When arriving on site for an inspection an inspector is generally confronted with the work in a finished state for the type of inspection required.

Firewalls quite often are only designated with an FRR (Fire Resistance Rating). Often we do not  see a particular system specified. We ask the builder for the consented plans and specifications  and look for system specifications.... read more

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