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Providing passive fire management services to building owners and local councils with an initial site inspection to ascertain what features are currently non-compliant with the New Zealand building code.

What makes us?

  •     We are customer focused
  •     We offer unparalleled levels of workmanship and passive fire services
  •     We have fully compliant with New Zealand Health and Safety
  •     Comply with the New Zealand Building Code in relation to passive fire systems
  •     We are fully insured
  •     We only use and sell the highest quality materials available to the market
  •     Employ the best staff, sub-contactors and fire engineers
  •     We'll still be here tomorrow


You've made the right choice!

When it comes to passive fire protection and the New Zealand Building Code Compliance, no job is too large or too small; we will perform with the unparalleled workmanship and service for which we are renowned throughout the industry. If your project involves a highly specialised area, you can count on us; we have experience with high security areas, data centres, offices, factories, and residential apartments. The work we do now can ensure that your workplace remains as safe as possible for the future and in any unfortunate case of fire.

Relax, it's taken care of